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Barcelona to host the presidency of the Metropolis Women International Network. Abidjan and Athens to host the vice-presidencies

The Metropolis Women International Network met in Johannesburg on 16 July 2013 in the context of the Metropolis Board of Directors. At that meeting, the cities representing the Network’s regional antennae unanimously approved Barcelona’s candidacy to host the presidency of the Network, represented by Francina Vila, Councillor for Women and Civil Rights of Barcelona City Council. They also unanimously approved the candidacies to host the vice-presidencies; Abidjan, represented by Zouzoua Yaba Cathérine, and Athens, represented by Anna Hatziyiannaki.

In her presentation speech, the President said that she was “convinced her new team was up to the task of rising to one of the most important challenges of big cities today: to continue to strive to make progress on women’s rights”.