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Safety and protection of victims of sexual exploitation. New forms of slavery and its local impact

Our cities are home to a number of women that do not live there voluntarily: they have ended up there through deception or force by someone or through unwanted circumstances. Most of them are engaged in prostitution.

24/09/2013 to 27/09/2013
Dynamic Cities Need Women - Women and Armed Conflict

Metropolis Women International Network, representing the World Association of Major Metropolises and its member cities over the world, will continue to promote the slogan "Dynamic Cities Need Women", launched at the first world forum of the network held in Brussels in 2007, and reinforced at its second forum, which took place in Seoul in 2009.  

Safer Cities for Women
Safe Cities within the Sphere of Public Space and Gender

On April 3 2013, more than 200 people gathered in Barcelona within the framework of the symposium organised by the Metropolis Women International Network, to discuss and deliberate on policies regarding public space and urban development from a gender perspective.

The symposium on “Safe Cities within the Sphere of Public Space and Gender” was opened by Dr. Joan Clos, Executive Director of UN-Habitat.