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To stimulate discussion on issues related to gender and to encourage networking among women in different cities, the Metropolis Women International Network has been introducing since 2007 an approach of world forums, with the slogan and logo "Dynamic Cities Need Women". The label and the logo are the intellectual property of the Metropolis Women International Network and are used for each world forum organized. Their use requires the written permission of the Network.

Barcelona, 2010 | Antennas meeting of the Metropolis Women International Network

Between October 4 and 5, 2010, and as a part of the Metropolis Board of Directors meeting, the representatives of the regional antennas of the Metropolis Women International Network met to discuss and share the actions that had been carrnied out as well as the Action Plan for the next two years. The session was opened by Carme Figueres, councillor of the Consell Audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC) and representative of Barcelona’s antenna. Imma Moraleda, town councillor of well-being and territorial cohesion of the Barcelona City Hall, and Carme Freixa, her chief assistant, explained the social and the time management policies undertaken by the Barcelona City Hall.

Participating cities submitted their ideas focusing on the following areas:

  • Athens: Day Nursery, Immigration

  • Amman: Economic Activities and Development

  • Abidjan: Social rehabilitation and care of young girls especially after major disasters

  • Bamako: Economic Development

  • Barcelona: Health Security, Health for women; use of time, help for entrepreneur's women and equalty policies.

  • Dakar: Economic Development

  • Santiago: Security, Immigration, Women's Health

  • Seoul: Implementation of “Women Friendly City Project”

In conclusion, it was agreed to propose to the Board of Directors, although awaiting approval by the board of Cairo, the working committee "Health and Safety in Cities” for the next three years. For more information, please click here.

2009, Seoul | 2nd World Forum Dynamic Cities Need Women

The 2nd World Forum Dynamic Cities Need Women had the theme "Visions and Challenges for a Women-Friendly" City. It was held in Seoul from October 21 to 24, 2009. The forum included the participation of over 1,000 attendees from 40 cities in 35 different countries. Numerous specialists from international organisations acknowledged the values and difficulties women face in many cities in this century and expressed their support for the initiative to create women-friendly cities. The forum was concluded with the approval of the Declaration of Seoul.The forum website is

2008, Sydney | 9th Metropolis World Congress

The 9th World Congress of Metropolis, with the theme "Connecting Cities", took place in Sydney between October 22 and 25, 2008, and gathered a series of events of the Metropolis Women International Network:

  •  Network General Assembly

Mrs. Francine Senécal is appointed as President of Network; Montréal continues to perform the role of coordination; two new regional antennas are introduced: Brussels and Seoul—were introduced;  the network agrees to organize two major forums in the 2009-2011 period; the Metropolis General Assembly grants the Metropolis Women International Network with an observatory seat at the Metropolis’ Board of Directors.

  • Forum: Connecting Women in Cities

    The goal of this forum was to foster international cooperation and solidarity on urban issues among women at all levels of city leaderships. The forum showcased successful strategies, experiences and projects to provide learning and networking opportunities in the following three major issue areas: women and community; women and the environment; women leadership.

  • Metropolis Award 2008: District Mothers Neukölln, Berlin

    Among the 21 projects submitted, the Metropolis Award 2008 was given to Berlin (District Mothers Neukölln) for its contribution to peaceful co-existence in the city, enhancement of equality of opportunity and the gender perspective.

  • Training on Gender Mainstreaming in Local Governments

    Upon the request of the UN Habitat, the Metropolis International Institute organized in collaboration with the Metropolis Women International Network the training session "Gender Mainstreaming in Local Governments", held in the framework of the IV World Urban Forum in Nanjing.

2007, Brussells | 1st World Forum Dynamic Cities Need Women 

The first world forum "Dynamic Cities Need Women: Actions and Policies for Gender Equality" which was held in Brussels on December 2007, focused specifically on the questions of gender equality and the role of women in major urban centers. Different experts, decision-makers and community organizers from cities on every continent exchanged experiences and know-how related to the challenges and opportunities facing urban women.

2005, Berlin | 8th Metropolis World Congress, Berlin

The 2005 Berlin Women’s Congress was held in three stages: an opening ceremony followed by guests speakers, a political round table discussing the role of cities in achieving the Millenium Development Goals, and, finally, the Network General Assembly.