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Great success of participation in the seminar "Women in contemporary african society" organized by the city of Abidjan

The seminar "Women in contemporary african society", organized by Abidjan’s Antenna of the Metropolis Women International Network of Metropolis, was held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), from 24th to 27th July 2012. 500 women representatives from local government around 21 countries in Africa have participated in this seminar and have had the opportunity to share their experiences to face new challenges in environment, governance, sustainability and innovation areas.

The seminar was possible by the great interest of Governor Robert Beugré Mambe, executive vice president of Metropolis for Africa and also thanks to the work of the Regional Secretary for Africa Metropolis, Émile Danho and the Head of the Abidjan’s Antenna of the Metropolis Women International Network, Eléonore Danho.

The seminar was developed in workshops around four themes and concluded with specific resolutions about the need for policies and mechanisms aimed to promote:

  • Women's access to finance
  • Implementing policies gender responsive budgeting
  • Implementing 1325 provision of the Security Council of the United Nations
  • Harmonizing national legislation with international instruments of human rights of women
  • Converting women's literacy a priority, strengthening laws against sexual violence and ensuring their effective implementation

On Thursday 26th July, the delegation of the Metropolis Women International Network, accompanied by Governor Beugré Mambe, was received in audience by the Prime Minister of Ivory Coast, Jeannot Ahoussou Kouadio. The purpose of this reception, apart from acknowledging the hospitality received, was to present the conclusions of the seminar to the Prime Minister.

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